Christ Attraction

Jill Gooding

What drew you to the burning bush,

O Moses with your rod?

I was impelled to turn aside

and listen to my God.


What drew you out of lions’ den,

O Daniel, man of prayer?

It was my faithfulness to God

that took me from the lair.


What drew you out of furnace fire,

O Shadrach with your friends?

Our sure conviction of a God

who only goodness sends.


What drew you to the stable light,

O shepherd, long ago?

The deep desire to see, to hear,

to feel, to clearly know

that Love is always with us,

a tender, caring arm,

a law divine that holds us

forever free from harm.


O Moses, Daniel, Shadrach,

and shepherd from your field,

you all were simple seekers;

and the stable scene revealed

the Christ that gently drew you,

protected you from harm,

a light dispelling darkness,

a presence, pure and calm.


And still today this presence

is here for all to feel;

for Christly light is uneclipsed-

the timeless power to heal.