Eternal Life

A man walks along a sunlit street

and enters a theatre dark;

he dons a costume and plays the part

and his character makes a mark.

The play could be a comedy,

a tragedy or farce;

the actor gives with all his heart

in the plot of this life’s cast.

But when the play is over

he drops that costumed role

and walks back out to sunlit street

unchanged, untouched and whole.

Christ Jesus played a vital role,

enlightening life’s stage;

but moved right on in radiant light

untouched by theatre’s page.

The followers in his footsteps

bring joy to this life’s scene,

but walk right on in sun-filled path

where they have always been.

So when the curtain falls on stage

and theatre play seems finished,

what joy to know the Christ-filled man

moves forward – undiminished.