Lecture symphony


Jill Gooding


Composer of the music—

God, the great I AM.

Creator, cause, and origin,

majestic Mind of man.


The music is the Christ itself—

 the Word, the voice of Soul,

the message pure, divine, that speaks

 harmonious, clear, and whole.


Conductor could be likened

to Pastor Emeritus,

 Discoverer and revealer of

Composer’s theme to us.


The orchestra—the church that gives,

each instrument unique,

 each playing his allotted part

to let the music speak.


The “soloist,” the lecturer,

with technique well refined,

speaks from the heart the music’s tones

 with orchestra aligned.


And audience expectant,

listening with joy,

 is moved by music’s beauty,

the heavenly tones enjoys.


They all unite to praise the work,

 Composer’s anthem glorious—

the allness of the great I AM

and man seen healed, victorious.