Losing weight


Jill Gooding


This year I’m going on a diet!

 In prayer and humility

 I’m going to reject those enticing spoonfuls of





 refuse to partake in bouts of






 my diet includes

 unlimited amounts of

 quiet patience,

 true compassion,

 bubbling joy,

 deep understanding,

 unending forgiveness,

 unconditional love.

 These can be taken at any time of the day

 in quantities that are as large as possible!


I’m going to exercise, too!—

my God-given authority—

to see, feel, and act rightly.

 Not just a ten-minute exercise,

 but continuously, hourly, every minute

 a moment-by-moment mental

s t r e t c h i n g

    each day more than I did the

     day before.


In this way

 the true outline,

 the embodiment of elegant balance,

 perfect proportion,

 the Soul-filled harmony of God’s being,

 will be seen